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Microneedle mesotherapy

Imagine a treatment when a specialist head with several dozen microneedles is delicately pricking the external skin of your face. Those microprickings incite and stimulate the cuticle. This increases its permeability manyfold and makes your skin prepared for absorbing specially concentrated cocktails to an ideal depth. Thanks to such treatment, skin becomes juicy and vigorous, wrinkles are decreasing and the whole face oval and contour are markedly improved.
A great advantage of just this treatment is that your skin begins to produce colagen itself.

How does the microneedle mesotherapy work?  

  • intensive but precisely controlled cuticle stimulation
  • immediate and optimum transport of active components
  • reactivation of all skin functions
  • improvement of skin self-regeneration processes (healing of tissue after micropricks)
  • skin regeneration by its own cell division
  • stimulation of colagen and elastin production
  • reduction of mimic wrinkles
  • improvement of face oval
  • improvement of skin elasticity

For what skin and what ailments is the microneedle mesotherapy recommended? 

  • thin and frail skin
  • acne complexion
  • mimic lines
  • skin damaged by solarium or sun
  • thick skin covered with scars
  • weak connective tissue

Are there any contraindications?  

This treatment should not be applied to: 

  • nipples
  • moles
  • stigmas
  • wounds
  • inflammation states
  • cold sores in an active state

What are the treatment effects? 

  • controlled removal of mortified cells
  • improved microcirculation
  • stimulation of cell divisions
  • clarifying the pigmentary changes
  • refreshing skin complexion
  • better absorption of products
  • decreased wrinkle depth